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Project Manager/Engineer



Being a part of Cushman Contracting Corporation means that you are a hard worker with a great attitude. We are always seeking Cushman caliber people to become a part of our team and advance within the company.


We understand that people are our greatest resource so we train our workers to perform safe, high quality work.



Carpenters, Pipefitters, Operators, Welders, Divers and Pilebuts.


We are always seeking highly motivated and skilled craft professionals to join our crews. If you are a journeyman and want to work alongside other trades with emphasis on teamwork, safety and productivity, this is a chance to progress your career.



We depend on our laborers to do hand excavation work, demolition, clean up, and assist carpenters and pipefitters. If you are interested in a rewarding career in the construction industry we will train you to become a journeyman in your chosen trade.

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