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2018 Debris Flow Emergency Work

2018 Debris Flow Emergency Work

The drought in California led to multiple fires throughout the state.  On January 9th, 2018, a heavy rainfall covered Santa Barbara County’s mountain region just after the Thomas Fire.  The heavy rainfall led to the devastating debris flow that caused significant damage to surrounding neighborhoods and infrastructure.


Immediately following the debris flow, Cushman responded expeditiously to multiple emergency contracts ranging from municipalities to private entities.  This required timely and precise planning by Cushman to ensure deployment of necessary crew and equipment were available.


The work consisted of building bridges; repairing South Coast water conveyance pipeline; restoring flood channels; potholing waterlines; repairing blowoff and air release vaults; installing a floodwall embankment; excavating and hauling debris and mud; stabilizing creeks; installing gabion fencing; and grouting rip-rap.

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