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Ventura Harbor Launch Ramp

Ventura Harbor Launch Ramp


The fifty year old launch ramp in Ventura harbor was in poor condition and the slippery surface caused cars to slide into the water. Cushman Contracting won the low bid to replace the ramp which was specified to be accomplished in the dry. To construct the cofferdam, Cushman utilized a barge and crane to build a 400 foot braced sheet pile wall.


The final product resulted in six new lanes with a v-groove finish requiring over five hundred yards of concrete and six prestressed concrete guide piles. Riprap slope protection was installed along the perimeter and precast flexible armor mat placed at the toe.


Upon completion of the new launch ramp the cofferdam was flooded and the pilings removed by vibratory extraction.


The new launch ramp features improved traction, a more gradual slope and four feet of additional length.

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