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Pismo Pier Rehabilitation

Pismo Pier Rehabilitation

Major rehabilitation to the City's historic public recreation pier which was originally built in 1924, and last upgraded in 1985.


The project included demolition of all existing, and installation of new handrail, decking, support stringers, pile caps, hot dipped galvanized steel pile heads, and underdeck utilities for the pier’s entire 1,200 foot length.  In addition, over 200 existing deteriorated timber piles were removed and replaced with 183 new epoxy coated steel pipe piles, driven over 20 feet into the ocean floor.


With the exception of 115 existing steel pipe piles that were installed in 1985, the entire pier was rebuilt.


The project also included new precast concrete light poles, precast concrete site furniture as well as artwork on the pier.


Cushman worked together with the City and Construction Manager to improve the scope of work from Bent 50 to the pier’s terminus.  Doing so allowed us to accelerate the project schedule and finish 8 months early.

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