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Mt Laguna Water Distribution

Mt Laguna Water Distribution

This Design-Build Project was a best-value competitive proposal for the USDA. Administrated by the US Forest Service for the Mount Laguna Recreational Facility in the Cleveland National Forest. The Project consisted of a Water Treatment Facility and Distribution System.


As a design-build project, Cushman was responsible to provide both professional design services as well as all labor, equipment, and materials to construct all improvements.  Cushman contracted with Waterworks Engineers, a design firm with which Cushman continues to have very positive experiences on multiple design-build projects as well as traditional Design–Bid–Build projects.


The Treatment System required a unique design approach to challenging design parameters. These parameters consisted of ground water containing iron, manganese, and arsenic, minimizing the footprint of the facility so as not to impact the forest, capturing all filtered materials for off-site disposal, correct sizing of the Well and Booster Pump System to work in line and overcome high head parameters, establishing electrical service to the site and providing the ability for remote monitoring and pump control.


The Distribution System from the Treatment Plant to the 100,000 gallon Storage Tank was equally as challenging. The over two mile long pipeline traversed multiple grade breaks with an overall elevation gain in excess of 600 vertical feet (300 psi working pressure system). In addition the pipeline right of way encountered several obstacles including creek crossings, narrow and steep alignment requirements, stringent backfill requirements (which due to remote location involved innovative construction means), and most importantly the sensitive environmental restrictions of construction in the National Forest.

The 100,000 gallon Storage Tank required the design and construction of a permanent access road to allow construction and future maintenance of the facility. The Tank required remote data access, lightning protection, and security fencing.


Materials such as backfill and pipe bedding had to be produced on site in some of the areas of the right of way because access for delivery trucks was non-existent. The rocky terrain combined with narrow right of ways present equipment heavy equipment innovations to be improvised by Cushman field supervision.


Due to the extreme remote location of this project, a premium was put on Cushman’s ability to perform material delivery logistics, heavy equipment support, and detail scheduling updates.

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