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Lake Cachuma Pump Station

Lake Cachuma Pump Station

Due to severe drought conditions, Cachuma Lake level dropped below the level of the Intake Structure. The Floating Emergency Pump Station provided the ability to access a large pool of water, at lower elevations which the original Intake Structure could not access. The Pump Station had to have the operational ability to provide between 10-45 MGD. The Pump Station was designed to be operated remotely to meet the daily demands of COMB.


Design of a Floating Pump Station capable of Operating over a wide range of Head conditions. Designing and building a robust system which could withstand the exposed condition of Lake Cachuma and providing redundancy to provide water to a community of approximately 200,000 people.


One of the challenges was building a robust system which would pump water in all conditions and still be able to be removed in a very short time span as Lake Cachuma has a large watershed and can fill rapidly in the right weather conditions.

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