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SBCC Bridge Renovation

SBCC Bridge Renovation


The original scope of work was to remove and replace existing architectural siding, guardrailing and apply a slip resistant coating to the walking surface of the 380 foot long pedestrian bridge over a canyon on the SBCC campus.  During demolition of the existing bridge siding unforeseen rot was discovered on the existing timber main support beams.


With the discovery of the unforeseen rotten timber beams, the scope of work drastically changed.  Cushman contracted a local engineering firm to design a steel shoring system to temporarily support the existing bridge during construction.  We self-performed the fabrication, installation and removal of the steel shoring system.  Cushman then removed all of the existing rotten timber beams and replaced them with glue-laminated Alaskan Yellow Cedar beams, a more rot resistant material.


After replacing all of the existing main timber support beams for the entire bridge, Cushman and our subcontractors completed the original scope of work, including the siding, fabricated steel guardrailing and a slip resistant coating over the walking surface of the bridge.

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